We stopped at a T.A. truck stop right next to the Tennessee Titans stadium in Tennessee. I got a few pics there of the city, which I cant remember if its Nasville or Memphis, lol. I should have done a better job of getting the pics into my computer and labeling them on time. Oh well.

New York

Haven't posted in a while. I'm done with training now and I'm waiting at a Holiday Inn in Ohio to test out. Lin dropped me off on Friday night (Sat. morning) and we thought that I'd be able to test out early Sat. morning, but that wasn't the case. As has been most of my dealings with Werner, I had to wait. I don't mind it so much cause this is an awesome hotel. Especialy compared to all the other flea bag establishments I've been at, lol. I was told when I went to test out Sat. morning that the lady who I needed to talk to wasn't there, and that my SDM (Student Driver Mgr) should have let me know. I broke out in laughter, partly cause I was so tired, (I had literaly 1 hour of sleep) and partly because my SDM was awful!!! She was completely incompitent and never told me anything that I needed to know. I think thats part of the reason I want to get home so badly, because the one person who is supposed to be looking out for me,my SDM, wasn't at all. And it was very obvious. I just felt like I was completely on my own. Anyway, I got some pics of Yankee Stadium when we were in New York last week. I left some pics below.


We drove through Nashville yesterday and I was able to get some pics of the skyline. Actualy, Lin got the good ones that I ended up using, lol. I realy like city skylines. I'd prefer night shots but my camera isnt capable of doing that. Maybe in the future I'll invest in a nicer camera.


Its about 3:30 AM Sunday morning right now, we're sitting in a small truck stop in South Carolina. We're on our way down to Florida, to a city outside Jacksonville called Maclennan or something like that. My exgirlfriend actualy lives in Pensacola but thats quite a hike from where we're going. I did tell her I'd visit her at some point before summer, but it won't be this trip. Kinda funny how loneliness can effect ones standards. I swore to myself that I'd never talk to her again but for some reason I find myself compromising my better judgement. I think the road is finaly starting to get to me, at least as far as missing having a steady girlfriend to talk to every day. I did get some pics of the worlds biggest truck stop in Iowa which was where we were yesterday morning. Yesterday meaning Friday. The days pass by very quick out here. Infact, without the little calendar that Lin has stuck on his dashboard I would be lost! LOL


A few pics of Kentucky where we were yesterday, lots more of there that will come in later. Todays my birthday too. Happy birthday to me!